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Program Setahun Bersama Kerajaan Madani di Stadium Bukit Jalil pada 9 December 2023

Construction Project Documentary

Case Study
Combining On-Site Video, timelapse, and interviews with various individuals who were involved, we were able to piece together a once-in-a-lifetime documentary that will benefit our clients in increasing the quality of brand and service for their future projects.

Ceremony Video

Case Study
On top of the documentary, we were engaged to capture a memorable event of the handover of the Air Traffic Control Tower from the Main Contractor to the Government Department and then back to the client to mark the official completion of the project.

Mini-episode of the Construction Project

Case Study
Over a hundred hours of memorable recordings, Laut Media created a number of mini-episodes that show the journey of the project in each phase and emphasize the importance of each department involved and how working together creates a harmony of efficiency on their road to completion starting with Traffic Management Plan (TMP) that deals with ongoing road traffic and keep the public and construction team safe at all times.

Laut Media Creates Videos that Convert ~

Welcome to Laut Media,

A video production company based in Malaysia that specializes in producing videos that convert.

At Laut Media, we understand that creating a video that looks great is only part of the equation. The true value of a video is in its ability to drive conversions and achieve your business goals.

That’s why we focus on producing videos that are not only visually appealing but also highly effective at driving conversions for our clients.

Our specialty lies in creating industrial documentaries, promo videos, and interview-style videos that connect with your target audience and drive results.

Whether you’re looking to showcase a product, highlight your company’s mission, or promote an upcoming event, we have the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals.

Below are some of the video style we produce that has made conversions for our clients since 2009:

Interview Style

Case Study
Through our sub-brand, we interviewed an individual who is passionate about Aquaponics and we emphasize his passion and expertise by giving him the spotlight to explain the vegetables he grew and invite people to visit their farm to see and buy. The video was shared across multiple social media platforms and the farm since then, receive multiple contact requests to visit the farm.

Product Implementation Style

Case Study
Through our eCommerce brand, we collaborated with the founder of an Automotive product that helps enhances a car’s electrical performance to be more stable. Before our existence, the founder has been promoting their product as images of customer testimonials; to emphasize the product has been purchased by many customers with positive reviews as proof. But there was no existence of a tutorial video of the product being installed. By listening to and understanding the founder’s marketing strategy so far, we proposed a unique position of leveraging their current marketing and enhance with a tutorial video to boost the product’s credibility. The video was published on our eCommerce marketplace and social media platform and gained thousands of sales in a short period of time; resulting in our brand being the fastest sales in its history for the product.

Press Release Interview Style

Case Study
Our eCommerce brand sponsored a local film and we were engaged by the production company to be part of the Press Release. Understanding that the film requires media traction, we created a different style of press release to include interviews with the actors & actresses to increase attention and leverage their social media followers over to our content to give awareness of an upcoming film. The video gained good attention and helped the film gain more viewers via the pay-on-demand tv platform.

Property Listing Style

Case Study
Laut Media was engaged by an estate agency based in the United Kingdom to conduct multiple content strategies to help the agency boost its brand awareness in the area and at the same increase its service quality via creating a property listing video (during the period where there was not really a video listing, especially for lower priced properties). The videos were mostly published on Linkedin and the agency received many inquiries for the list of properties thanks to the video-style listing that was ahead of its time.

B2B Interview Collaboration Style

Case Study
Laut Media listens to our client’s needs and we find solutions that may help our clients reach their goals fast. In this case, our estate agency client wants to increase their online presence by connecting with other local businesses in a similar industry and helping each other by promoting each other. Laut Media suggests contacting their current B2B network and conducting a B2B promotion and interview style video where the agency talks with the business owner in the video and at the same time promotes the business’s service. A number of videos were shared on Linkedin and gained the agency’s popularity in Linkedin and at the same time, they received a flood of messages for collaboration.

Product Review Style

Case Study
As there are more and more shoppers shop online, there is more demand for product review videos. One of our clients is a new online blogger who needs help creating video content for the product they review. Laut Media spent some time understanding their style of product review and we came up with the idea of integrating the product they review with the interest they have. In this case, the blogger is a pet rabbit owner and the product is an air purifier. Instead of reviewing the air purifier as just the features, we suggest reviewing the air purifier as a real-life experience and usage. At the same time, we noticed the market does not really see the features of the air purifier, they are more concerned about the air filter replacement. So, we created three-in-one video content: Real-life usage (filtering rabbit fur), Product Review (air purifier), and tutorial (filter replacement).

Corporate Style

Case Study
Our client from Balkan Europe wanted a corporate video for their G2B and B2B purposes. Laut Media was engaged to emphasize one of the recently completed developments that the apartment is more than just a resident, but a quality living residence. During the time, drone videography was still new, and not many countries has access to drone cameras for aerial shots. We had the opportunity to showcase the new technology of aerial videography with our drone and were able to shoot the overall city developed by the developer. The video was a great success use by the developer and has gained new business opportunities from it.

Product Install and Promo Syle

Case Study
Following the success of Product Implementation Style Video, Laut Media was engaged by a Malaysian Automotive Performance Parts Manufacturer for a similar video service. The company had a goal in mind to showcase its product and its success. By understanding the product, we created a unique style of video that combines a product installation video together with a showcase video under one long format video. By doing this, the long format video will be split into smaller format videos for use in Social Media and Digital Advertising. The video was a great success by creating market trust with the product and the brand and was able to increase the sales for the company.

Visual Story Style

Case Study
During the earlier period of Youtube, music videos by smaller artists are mainly focused on a showcase of the artist without a story. Laut Media had the opportunity to work with an uprising artist from Balkan Europe who wanted a visual story-style video that communicates with his music. The video we created made the artist gain traction in the local media and was played by local tv stations across the country.

Influencer Style

Case Study
In collaboration with an Automotive Manufacturer, Laut Media was engaged to review their new vehicle and showcase its new features. We took a unique approach by creating a long-format video to fully showcase the features and posted it on our own Automotive Channel.

TV Commercial Style

Case Study
A Mobile Telephone Company from Eastern Europe wanted to create a new TV Commercial for their new service that promotes mobile telephone and sim card service under one platform. While other commercials were promoting prices, we took a different route by creating a TV Commercial interviewing real users and asking them what they wanted from a mobile phone company. The video gained huge popularity in the local TV Station resulting in an increase in customer subscriptions.

Online Course Style

Case Study
Our UK Estate Agency client wanted to increase his revenue stream by leveraging their professional experience by selling his experience and skill as a professional estate agent. However, the client has no experience in creating an online course and had no idea how to start and where to start. Laut Media took the effort of learning from the client by understanding their skills and curated a course outline for the client to fill in. Throughout the process, Laut Media was heavily involved in drafting the whole content for each module and created a detailed online video course to sell. The course was a great success in sales and gained the client speaking opportunity at numerous events in the UK.

Shop Trailer

Case Study
An eCommerce business in Malaysia wanted a 1-minute video showcasing what products they do in a cinematic style trailer, and we are totally up for the vibe~ We took some time on this one and dig into each video content we have made for that client since Day 1 and created an epic cinematic trailer for their Shopee eCommerce store and not only the client approved it, the customers totally love it!

Mega Structure Documentary

Case Study
A very rare opportunity given by a Malaysian Glass Manufacturing Company to document the whole process of a Glass Replacement works for the iconic Kuala Lumpur Air Traffic Control Tower in Malaysia. This mega project took months to complete the documentary project and this video will benefit a lot to the company for its future projects as part of its showcasing. The above video is a trailer for the mega project.

… and many more style

Since 2009, Laut Media has done many styles following our client’s needs and budgets. Laut Media’s background has always been in Videography and Photography with Certifications in Filmmaking and Audio Engineering. Our style of video has always been story and conversion based and we focus on delivering what our client goals set. Using the personal experiences that we gain from working with International and Local Film Production, Laut Media utilizes the storytelling knowledge and skillset as a way for our client communicates with its viewers for any form of conversion. That is how we differentiate ourselves.

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